TN-4L, TN-1L

T-Clean Neutralizer For use in washer disinfectors pre-cleaning

T-CLEAN TIVA NEUTRALIZER is a liquid neutralizing agent and detergent for the automated reprocessing of surgical instruments, anesthesia utensils, containers, O.R. shoes as well as other medical utensils, and for the neutralization or acidic pre-cleaning.

  • Neutralizes alkaline residues from the main cleaning step during automated reprocessing
  • Reliably removes acid-soluble residues during pre-cleaning
  • Excellent material compatibility; therefore suitable for anesthesia utensils, surgical instruments and other sensitive materials
  • Not suitable for acidic pre-cleaning of objects and parts made of anodized aluminum as well as chromed and nickel-plated parts
  • Based on organic acids
  • Free of phosphates, phosphoric acid, nitrogen compounds and surfactants, therefore no disturbing influence on analytical test methods
  • Contains less than 10 ppm P20s in the concentrate
T-Clean Neutralizer
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