TD-4L, TD-1L

T-Clean Detergent For reprocessing thermostable and thermolabile instruments

T-CLEAN TIVA DETERGENT is a liquid concentrated detergent for the automated and manual cleaning of thermostable and thermolabile instruments including MIS instruments and micro-instruments, flexible endoscopes, anesthesia equipment, containers and other materials.

  • First-class cleaning activity due to the singular formula based on alkalinity donors, surfactants and enzymes
  • Reliably removes residues of dried and denatured blood
  • Greatly reduces the amount of organic material and prevents the re-deposition of protein residues
  • Removes pathogenic prion proteins of different prion test strains; amongst those the (vCJD) test strain by> 2lg steps (1%, 55c, 10 min)
  • Supports the removal of biofilms
  • Excellent material compatibility; suitable for instruments and utensils made of stainless steel, instrument steel, optics, conventional plastic and the materials of anesthesia equipment
  • Anodized aluminum must be tested first for suitability
  • No neutralizing step necessary for automated reprocessing; therefore short program cycles
  • Non-hazardous product
T-Clean Detergent
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