Project Management

The need for integrated solutions and access to knowledge is essential. As technology evolves and becomes more sophisticated, we understand the need for a full-service partner to deliver integrated infection control solutions and knowledge that deliver results. Tuttnauer has been guiding and supporting customers throughout the entire sterilization equipment procurement and installation process for decades. We are committed to leveraging that knowledge and experience for all our healthcare, animal care and laboratory research customers. You can enjoy uninterrupted workflows and productivity without compromising on quality and safety.

Personalized from start to finish

Tuttnauer’s complete project management protects your autoclave investment – from conceptual design to the final installation and validation of your equipment in the facility.  

Our dedicated team of project management professionals have the skills to assist in any and all areas of your facility. Each project is assigned a project manager who will guide you throughout the procurement, installation and validation process. After all the details have been reviewed and specific questions regarding the layout and facility have been addressed, a submittal package will be assembled and sent for customer approval. Once approved, the project management team will ensure that your new autoclave is manufactured, delivered, and installed on time and as promised.  

We can help expedite validation and commissioning, including the following options:  

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) Full documentation is provided certifying that the autoclave is performing up to the standards specified in the contract. The end-user also has the option to see the autoclave run in “real time” at the factory. Once the piece of equipment is given clearance, it will be released.  

Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) Site Acceptance Testing occurs once the autoclave is delivered to the end user. A group of tests are performed and documented to verify that the piece of equipment is functioning properly and in strict accordance with the product specifications, as stated in the contract.  

Additional services that can be provided, include Installation Qualifications (IQ), Operational Qualifications (OQ) and Performance Qualifications (PQ).  

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