Tuttnauer is proud to introduce a new pre-sterilization cycle to treat the viruses that may reside inside the autoclave chamber and provide best in class safety for the autoclave operators throughout the entire sterilization process.

For our larger autoclaves, we already implemented a filter to protect users from the air released into the environment. Now we are unveiling an innovative protective shield in our smaller autoclave models.

Pre-sterilization cycle to treat the viruse

We have developed an innovative sterilization cycle that creates a protective shield which decontaminates the air within the autoclave, prior to its removal into the environment. This safe process is implemented through the entire sterilization cycle.

This cycle has been developed based on academic research and literature, to ensure the complete and comprehensive elimination of viruses.

* Available for the Elara 11 & 9 Tabletop Class B autoclaves.

Our fully automated sterilizer (Elara 11 & Elara 9)
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Elara class B autocalve
Tuttnauer sterilization and infection control

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About Tuttnauer

Tuttnauer provides end to end sterile processing solutions for dental and ophthalmic clinics, including; advanced autoclave sterilizers, washer-disinfectors, indicators, and sterile processing products. The new Class B autoclave with a virus protective shield is a highly advanced autoclave explicitly developed for dental, ophthalmic and medical practices by providing an extra layer of protection. The Autoclave goes above and beyond standards by meeting all sterilization needs and creating cyclic parameters that accommodate with the most challenging loads, ensuring load sterility, efficient drying, helping dentists achieve today's challenging workloads and provide superior patient care, without risking cross patient contamination.

Contact us for further information and to inquire about purchasing the Elara Coronavirus Class B autoclave for your practice.

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