Kamer van 60 en 85 liter

T-Lab Eco Betaalbare prestaties en vertrouwde betrouwbaarheid voor uw laboratoriumsterilisatiebehoeften.

T-Lab Eco is speciaal ontworpen voor onderwijsinstellingen en onderzoeksfaciliteiten. Ontworpen op basis van eenvoud en zuinigheid.

Dit verticale vloermodel autoclaaf voorziet in de fundamentele behoeften voor algemene sterilisatie in laboratoria met als doel de productiviteit van uw laboratorium te verhogen.

De autoclaaf biedt de beste universele capaciteit in combinatie met optimaal gebruik van voorzieningen zoals water, stroom en bedrijfstijd.

Alle T-Lab Eco-apparaten zijn uitgerust met de exclusieve en technologisch geavanceerde T-Connect, een op de cloud gebaseerde IoT-oplossing voor uw sterilisatiecentrum.

T-Lab Eco Laboratory Sterilizer
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Making Your Process Easier, Accurate and Affordable
This reliable workhorse is ideal for the general laboratory in need of easy operation,
safety and cycle features for day-to-day needs. Intuitive, user friendly technology, including colour touchscreen and multiple programmes for sterilization.
T-Lab Eco vertical laboratory Autoclave with open door
Reliable Performance
Solid, glassware and liquid loads.
Efficient sterilization time including cooling.
Built with just the essential features.
Less water wasted, less electricity consumed, less time spent on maintenance.
Cylindrical chamber is less expensive and more reliable over a long working life.
Plug & Play Installation
This autoclave does not require dedicated installation connections, simply a power source.
Versatile for all your basic needs
Sterilizes liquids, solids, sealed and unsealed bottles.
Performance and quality within a small space.
Unpararalleled User Experience
High resolution multicolour touchscreen which adjustable screen colours.
Monitor your autoclave connected to a network with R.PC.R. software.
Standard Features
Two PT100 sensors.
Built-in cooling fan.
Built-in memory: 1000 cycles.
An optimized program for every load
Sterilization Programmes
Cycle name Temperature Sterilization time (minutes) V60 Sterilization time (minutes) V85 Load Type Type of Use
Liquid Sealed 121⁰C 15 15 Container with Liquid For storage
Liquid Unsealed 121⁰C 15 15 Container with Liquid Immediate use only
Solid 134⁰C 4 4 Solid Load Immediate use only
Solid Delicate 121⁰C 30 30 Solid Load Immediate use only
Loading Capacities
ERLENMEYER FLASKS Size V60 Total Units (#Unit × #Basket) V85 Total Units (#Unit × #Basket)
250 ml (Ø 85 ×143 mm) 13 × 2 13 × 3
500 ml (Ø 105 × 183 mm) 8 × 2 8 × 3
1000 ml (Ø 131 × 230 mm) 5 × 1 5 × 2
2000 ml (Ø 166 × 280 mm) 3 × 1 3 × 2
BOTTLES / Schott Duran
BOTTLES / Schott Duran Size V60 Total Units (#Unit × #Basket) V85 Total Units (#Unit × #Basket)
250 ml (Ø 70 ×143 mm) 19 × 2 19 × 3
500 ml (Ø 86 × 182 mm) 12 × 2 12 × 3
1000 ml (Ø 101 × 203 mm) 8 × 1 8 × 2
2000 ml (Ø 136 × 260 mm) 4 x 1 4 x 2
Data where you need it
The T-Lab Eco is easy to use, giving you easy access to cycle data and status.
T-Lab Eco Lab Autoclave touchscreen control panel
Data where you need it
The T-Lab Eco is easy to use, giving you easy access to cycle data and status.
✦ User-friendly touch screen control panel. Quickly see programs, cycles times, water levels and more.
✦ Easily transfer cycle data to a PC using USB memory device.
✦ Advanced documentation and traceability options.
✦ Built-in memory for 1000 cycles.
✦ Multilevel password protection.
✦ Connect to nework and use R.PC.R software to generate reports with graphs and tables.
T-Lab Eco Lab Autoclave external dimensions
Technical Features
Chamber Volume
V60: 60 Liters
V85: 85 Liters
V60: 111 kg
V85: 120 kg
Chamber Dimensions
V60: 390 Ø × 505 D (mm)
V85: 390 Ø × 700 D (mm)
External Dimensions
V60: 645 W × 985 H × 810 D (mm)
V85: 645 W × 985 H × 810 D (mm)
Shipping Dimensions
V60: 820 W × 1250 H × 900 D (mm)
V85: 820 W × 1250 H × 900 D (mm)
Electrical Ratings
Voltage: 220-240 VAC (both models)
Single Phase (both models)
Power: V60: 3000W - V85: 5400W
Amperage: V60: 13.1A - V85: 22.3A
Wastewater tank volume
3 Litres (both models)
Cooling water tank volume
6 Litres (both models)
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure
2.8 bar (both models)


Company Standards and Legislation
EMC Directive 2014/30/EU
ISO 9001 Quality Management System
2006/42/EC Machinery Directive
2014/35/EU, Directive, Low Voltage Directive (LVD)
2012/19/EU WEEE and EU 2017/2102 Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances (RoHS Directive)
Product Standards
Pressure Vessel – PED 2014/68/EU
IEC 61010-1 Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use – Part 1: General requirements
IEC 61010-2-040: Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use – Part 2-040: Particular requirements for sterilizers and washer-disinfectors used to treat medical materials
EN 61326-1: Electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use – EMC requirements – Part 1: General requirements
Two stainless steel wired baskets are included with T-Lab Eco.
The unperforated baskets and printer are optional.
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