Posts about Sterilizers

on Nov 22nd 2016

We’re happy to share with you our latest PlazMax plasma sterilizer video.

What is the PlazMax sterilizer?

Reprocessing heat and moisture sensitive items requires the use of low-temperature sterilization technology. The Plazmax sterilizer uses hydrogen peroxide to sterilize heat and moisture sensitive medical instruments. It is designed for Hospitals’ Central Processing departments (CSSD or SPD), Gastroenterology &...

on Dec 4th 2014

Donating an Autoclave to an Eye Surgery Hospital in Haiti

In October, Dr. Doug Villella, an optometrist and executive director of Vision for the Poor – an organization delivering eye care to low-income populations in Latin America and the Caribbean – contacted me about purchasing an autoclave for an eye surgery facility under construction in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. As Dr. Villella described Vision for the Poor’s mission, I knew a giving opportunity had come knocking at...