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on Feb 15th 2017


Following the success of the Double Door GS autoclave we are introducing the Single Door GS Autoclave. Available in 160 liter volume and 250 liter volume (1 StU and 2 StU, respectively), the GS autoclaves are designed to be more affordable for medical centers that require single door installations or double door pass-through installations, but are operating on limited budgets.

We have maintained Tuttnauer's high quality for hospital grade autoclaves, providing reliable, heavy-duty high performance machines that are also designed to fit into narrow spaces. The...

on Mar 8th 2016

By Jan Huijs HEART Consultancy, The Netherlands.  [email protected]


The international standards for sterile supply are embedded in Western societies; their implementation requires a strong economy. However due to many socio-economic limitations, transferring these standards - and the resulting advanced technology - to low-income countries is bound to fail. Manufactures are forced to comply with the standards and as a consequence...

on Nov 4th 2015

Now that we understand steam, its properties and quality we can move ahead and learn about how steam is generated and enters the autoclave. Ready? We're moving full steam ahead.

The Function of the Autoclave Jacket

Did you know that most large autoclaves, like horizontal autoclaves, wear a jacket? Why?  One of our upcoming posts in the series focuses on the autoclave jacket, which will reveal why we dress up the autoclave. For now it is important to understand the function of the jacket because it helps...

on Dec 4th 2014

Donating an Autoclave to an Eye Surgery Hospital in Haiti

In October, Dr. Doug Villella, an optometrist and executive director of Vision for the Poor – an organization delivering eye care to low-income populations in Latin America and the Caribbean – contacted me about purchasing an autoclave for an eye surgery facility under construction in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. As Dr. Villella described Vision for the Poor’s mission, I knew a giving opportunity had come knocking at...

By jorge on May 7th 2014

World-class Training from Tuttnauer’s Top Experts

They traveled from West, East and North Africa: Mauritius, Réunion, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique with a common goal; to receive high-level autoclave training from Tuttnauer. 35 Professionals from 18 distributors gained high-level theoretical and practical knowledge focused on professional infection control, decontamination and sterilization methods during a week of intensive training mixed with some fun that will empower their professional growth.

A Memorable Learning Experience

We wanted students...