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on Mar 14th 2017

“Superbugs” are not quite a household term yet, but awareness of this global health threat is increasing. Also known as multidrug resistant bacteria (MDR), superbugs are bacteria that have evolved to escape the powerful grasp of our most powerful medical weapons, antibiotics.

Why does this matter?

The proliferation of superbugs means we are quickly running out of solutions to treat and save the lives of millions of people from seemingly benign bacterial infections like strep throat and ear infections. Instead we are facing new strains of old foes that are...

on Apr 27th 2015

Baganuur Hospital in nedd of Medical Waste Treatment EquipmentBaganuur Hospital in Critical Condition

The UB Post– 7 April, 2015


on Mar 3rd 2015

​"Superbug" grabs most of the February headlines. Ebola and Mers are still in the news:


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