Advanced Control System

Take advantage of Tuttnauer’s sophisticated user-friendly PLC control system based on the advanced Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1400 platform in all pharmaceutical autoclaves.

Standard Features

  • 7" Multi-color touch screen (loading and unloading side)
  • Sterilization temperature range 110°C to 137°C
  • 5 Operation access levels and up to 99 user accounts
  • Over 1000 cycles & event data stored in internal memory (HTML and CSV)
  • Up to 100 cycle programs (customizable by user)
  • Cycle simulation (for testing cycles)
  • Easy file transfer via USB or LAN
  • Thermal serial printer
  • Ethernet connection for remote monitoring, maintenance, and software updates
  • Preventative maintenance notifications based on the number of cycles
  • In/Out test
  • 21 CFR part 11

HMI Screen

  • On screen display of historical cycle data (CSV format)
  • Graphical display of Temperature and Pressure trend graphs
  • Multi-color display for easy reading
  • Quick access to important information
  • Multilingual support for over 20 languages


Optional Features

  • 15" Multi-color touch screen (loading and unloading side)
  • Independent sensors for reference or monitoring
  • Chart recorder
  • UPS
  • Screen View & Control with tablet/mobile phone via LAN/WiFi connection
  • Real-time piping diagram (15” screen only)
  • Barcode integration
  • F0 software control
  • Custom cycle program design according to user needs


SCADA software (optional) allows for monitoring of up to 10 sterilizers from external PC workstations. The software retrieves data, creates graphs, tables and printouts. Data for tens-of-thousands of cycles & events (in HTML format) can be stored.


Real-time temperature, pressure values and graphical trends.

Piping Diagram

Real-time operation of machine.

In/Out Digital and Analog Status

A feature for technicians to check each system component separately.


Log Report View

Includes cycle information, parameters, data, and graphical trends.