Autoclave for CSSD sterilization - T-Max - Tuttnauer

The 69 autoclave sterilizer series is designed to cover a large field of applications for hospitals, CSSD and medical centers. The autoclave series has a chamber volume ranging in size from 510 to 1010 liters. The autoclave operates with saturated steam as the sterilizing agent with a temperature range of 105 °C (221°F) to 138 °C (240 °F) and a working pressure that meets AMSE and PED requirements. Each autoclave model is available with either single or double door.

The 69 series is available with two door options:

  • Fully automatic horizontal sliding door
  • Hinged door with automatic locking

Custom Design for Limited Space

Tuttnauer’s strong engineering capability allows for highly customized autoclave design. Facilities with space layout limitations will benefit from custom narrow design autoclaves which provide high capacity in a limited space. Narrow design autoclaves allow for more autoclaves in a given space to ensure continued sterile processing in case of autoclave downtime.

Uniform Heat Distribution

Fully jacketed chambers ensure uniform heat distribution to ensure consistent serialization conditions for all loads in chamber. A chamber that is not fully jacketed may have cool spots which can cause improper sterilization.

Green Water Saving

The optional EcoWater Radiator and EcoWater Chiller water saving systems are the best solutions to minimize water consumption between 50% and 90%.

Perfectly Optimized Cycles

With years of research and customer feedback we have fine-tuned our formula for perfectly optimized cycles with the precise combination of pulses, timing, temperature control, speed and drying.

Stainless Steel Piping

Stainless steel piping and connectors are used to avoid corrosion which is necessary to safeguard the integrity of the autoclave and prevent contamination of the sterilized loads (either as chemical or particulate contamination).

Load Traceability

The optional R.PC.R software allows for tracing sterilized loads by barcode. All cycle records and associated barcodes are automatically recorded to a PC on your network. In additional, R.PC.R allows for convenient access to cycle reports, including graphs and tables (in PDF format).


Safety for personnel, autoclave and load are priority in the design, construction and operation of any Tuttnauer autoclave. Tuttnauer is committed to the highest industry safety standards and directives to ensure safety not only for your employees operating the autoclaves but also for your sterile processing facility and the loads being sterilized.

Tuttnauer autoclaves are provided with redundant independent monitoring systems and audiovisual alarms to notify operators of any issue that requires attention. An emergency stop button on the loading side of the autoclave may be used to safely stop the autoclave cycle.

Door Safety

The autoclave doors are designed with a number of independent mechanical and digital safety features.

  • A safety device prevents the operator from opening the door when chamber is pressurized
  • Steam will not enter the chamber when the door is open
  • A cycle cannot start if the door is open or not properly locked
  • The door cannot unlock until chamber pressure reaches room pressure
  • Sliding Door Safety - sliding door progress will automatically stop if an obstruction is detected
  • Double Door Safety – interlocks prevent both doors from being opened simultaneously

General Safety Features:

  • Double Independent Monitoring: The combined electronic and mechanical monitoring ensures that the operator has two independent means to monitor pressure
  • Safety Valves: If the pressure exceeds the allowed limit the safety valves will discharge
  • Built-in Steam Generator Safety: A water level monitoring system maintains a constant water level and ensures safe operation of the heaters
  • Emergency shut-off: Easily accessible emergency switches for immediate cycle shut-off