In the Pharmaceutical/Biopharmaceutical industry Tuttnauer offers a wide range of autoclaves:

Pure Steam Sterilization

Pre-production processing involves the sterilization of materials, equipment, containers and other items entering the production floor.

Post-production sterilizers are used for terminal sterilization of finished goods.

Laboratory applications have a broad scope mainly R&D (product development, manufacturing process development, packaging selection) and Quality Control (QC).

Pre & Post Vacuum

Pre-vacuum removes air trapped in loads such as garments and hollow loads to achieve effective steam penetration. Post-vacuum assists in quick drying to reduce sterilization cycle times. Ideal for hard and porous loads.

Gravity Displacement

Sterilization is achieved when steam enters the chamber and displaces the air, ideal for liquid loads.

 Common Applications  Common Program Cycles  Common Optional Features
Solid Loads Machine Parts
Empty glassware
Stainless steel parts / vessels


Pre & Post Vacuum
Unwrapped solid
Wrapped Porous



Liquid (open)
Liquid (sealed)


Test Cycles
Bowie & Dick
Filter sterilization

Air Detector (hard and porous)
Steam Quality Check
Sanitary Filter
Automatic Water Intrusion Test
Multipurpose Valve
Jacket cooling (liquid loads)
Steam Generator
Porous Loads Textile
Filters (ATF process) Rubber stoppers Cleaning aids
Liquid Non-Sealed Beakers

Over Pressure Sterilization

Over pressure sterilization is a precisely controlled process ideal for terminal sterilization of soft packaged items especially sealed liquids, parenteral and ophthalmic products.

Air Steam Mixture (ASM) - Sterilization is achieved by circulating a mixture of Air & Steam in the chamber ideal for small sized delicate product packaging.

Hot Water Spray (HWS) -  Sterilization is achieved by circulating hot water over the load.

 Common Applications  Common Program Cycles  Common Optional Features
Sealed Liquid
Sealed Ampoule/Vials
Sealed IV Bags/bottles
Pre-Filled Syringe (PFS)
Sealed Contact Lenses

Liquids (sealed)
Ampoule  Leak Detection
ASM Cycles
Air Steam Mixture
Filter Sterilization
HWS Cycles
Hot Water Spray
Cleaning-In-Place  (CIP)

ASM Features
Steam quality check
Jacket cooling system
HWS Features
In-chamber sprinkling system
Water circulation pump

Biohazard Waste Sterilization

Tuttnauer’s bio-hazard sterilizers decontaminate dangerous pathogens prior to disposal. Tuttnauer provides autoclaves suitable for biosafety (BSL) applications. The autoclaves are based on pure steam sterilization.

 Common Applications  Common Program Cycles  Common Optional Features
Biological Waste Disposal
Biohazard liquid
Biohazard solid
Thermal Biohazard
Biohazard Filter
Blow-off Tank

Pharma Autoclaves in Pharmaceutical Production Facility



A1. Pure Steam Sterilizer (Hard Loads)

A2. Pure Steam Sterilizer (Liquid Loads)

5. Pass-through Window

Production & Filling Area

2. Reactor 1

3. Reactor 2

4. Filling Machine

T1. Pure Steam Sterilizer (Bulk Capacity)

T2. Over-Pressure Sterilizer (Bulk Capacity)

B. Biohazard Sterilizer


1. Control Station