C16 C17 C100
Washing Basket for 18 Baby Bottles Insert for 18 Dummy Places Washer Trolley with 5 Pull Out Shelves
Support for 18 baby bottles places 250 ml
Insert for 18 dummy places
mm 650x790x760H
Basic trolley provided with 5 pull out shelves (levels)for washing up to 15 standard DIN baskets or 10 standard ISObaskets.
C101 C102 C103
Surgical Instruments Washing Basket Washer Injection Trolley Two Levels Trolley with washing and Drying Connection
mm 650x790x560H
Basic trolley provided with washing/drying connection. suitable to service surgical instruments of large size and/or baby bottles and dummies.
mm 650x790x600H
Injection trolley provided with drying connection andconnections for MIS instruments. Equipped with 3 washing levels to clean laparoscope?s support, flexible.
mm 650x790x510H
Two levels basic trolley provided with washing and drying connection. Service for washing cycle of surgical instruments and rubber shoes.
C104 C105 C130
Injection Trolley 6 Standard DIN Containers 36 Rubber Shoes Washer
mm 650x790x660H
Injection trolley provided with a drying. Equipped with: 20 spiral pipes up to 1,5 meter long;10 balloon injectors;20 injectors diam.6x170mm;12 injector sdiam
mm 650x790x470H
Service to clean up to 6 standard DIN containers (dim.
Mm 600x300x150h) with lid.
Support for 36 rubber shoes