The largest Tiva Washer-Disinfector is designed to meet the increasing processing needs of a CSSD. Fully automatic sliding doors allow for manual or automatic loading and unloading. The two vertically installed washing pumps enable consistent and efficient washer disinfecting performance and a complete drain of the washing circuit. A HEPA H14 air filter is used for injecting clean air into all the chamber parts at different basket levels and into injectors.



• Washing disinfection temperature fully adjustable up to 93°C
• Temperature controlled by means of two independent PT1000 probes
• Fresh water intake between each phase of the cycle promotes hygiene and better cleaning
• Three level water filtering system
• Washing and drying injection system enables direct injection into hollow objects ensuring optimal thermal disinfection and drying
• HEPA Filtered H14 forced-air drying system with adjustable time and temperature settings helps to ensure the complete drying inside and outside of items in the washing chamber
• Two powerful self-cleaning water circulation pumps ensure rapid flow rate and effective spray pressure

Design And Convenience

• LCD Display with 20 standard programs and 20 additional adjustable programs
• RS-232 printer connection for documenting washing phases
• Three chemical dosing pumps with the ability to adjust detergent consumption for each cycle (level control).
Additional dosing pump is optional.
• Door made of HST tempered glass
• Self-cleaning chamber with rounded edges
• Capacity to store up to four 5 liter containers of detergent


• Integrated printer
• 4th chemical dosing pump
• Steam condenser prevents steam from entering the washing area
• Turbo drying allows hot air recirculation for shorter cycles
• Color touch screen with 65 washing and disinfection programs available

Cleaning and Disinfection

Thermal Disinfection

Thermal disinfection takes place at 93°C with a temperature holding time in compliance with EN ISO 15883. Both temperature and time can be modified to meet the specific customer requirements.

Mechanical Cleaning Action

Heavy duty pumps ensure high flow rate and effective spray pressure for better and faster cleaning results.

Designed to Stay Clean

The washing chamber is designed with smooth edges and corners to ensure a clean chamber surface and prevent dirty breeding grounds.

Long Lasting and Safe

Water Quality

Built-in large capacity water softeners enhance cleaning and prevents limescale build-up.  Connections to cold, warm and DI water are available, with a triple water filter system that captures residues so that they are not re-circulated, thus lengthening pump life.

Quality Components

Washing chamber, washing arms and filters are made of high quality corrosion proof AISI 316 stainless steel.  Double wall chamber construction and thorough insulation minimize heat loss and electricity consumption.