C15 C16 C17
Washer Disinfector Lower Insert Washer Disinfector 18 baby Bottles Places Washers Disinfectors - 18 Dummy Places
Lower insert for 8 pairs of rubber shoes
Support for 18 baby bottles places 250 ml
Insert for 18 dummy places
C51 C52 C53
Upper Trolley with Rotating Washing Arm Lower Washing Trolley Injection Trolley with Drying
Upper trolley with rotating washing arm built-in
• loading height H 17 cm
Lower trolley
• frontal opening
• loading height H 32 cm
Lower injection trolley for 12 flasks
C54-55 C56 C57
Washer Injection Trolley Washer Injection Trolley Injection Trolley with Drying
C54 Lower injection trolley for 42 flasks
C55 Lower injection trolley with drying, for 42 flasks
Lower injection trolley for 58 flasks
Universal injection trolley with drying
• 6 nozzles for balls and glasses from secretion
• spiral system in stainless steel
• 6 nozzles for suction tube with length till 1.5m
• 10 nozzles for Gudel and endotracheal tubes
• with place for 2 normalized baskets DIN 1/3
C58 C61 C73
Washer Injection Trolley Washer Injection Trolley Lower Injection Trolley
Universal injection trolley at two levels, with drying
• for MIC instruments max length cm 55
• equipped with 36 connection possibilities
• possibility to accept basins for washing instruments
Insert for laboratory flasks with 28 spring hooks
lower injection trolley with drying for 16 flasks and 18 pipettes
C74 C78 C79
Lower Injection Trolley 4 Levels Washing Trolley Upper Insert for 4 Pairs of Rubber Shoes
Lower injection trolley with drying, for 58 flasks
Trolley at 4 levels with 2 rotating washing arms built-in, with place for 6 baskets DIN 1/1 and baskets DIN 1/3
• loading height:
• 1 level: H 11 cm • 2 level: H 10 cm
• 3 level: H 9 cm • 4 level: H 9 cm
Upper insert for 4 pairs of rubber shoes