Complementary Products

C500 C501 C502
Tiva 600 Washer - Low Basket Tiva 600 - 4 Level Basket Washer Disinfector 3 Level Basket
Low basket
•4 level basket with drying
•2nd level 90 mm/h
•3rd level 110 mm/h
•4th level 90 mm/h
•3 level basket with drying
•1st level 180 mm/h
•2nd level 180 mm/h
•3rd level 90 mm/h
C503 C504 C505
Anaesthesia Basket with Drying MIS Instruments & Ophthalmology 30 Rubber Shoe Baskets
Anaesthesia basket with drying
MIS instruments & ophthalmology
basket with 18+18 connections
with drying
30 rubber shoe baskets
C506 C507  
Washer Basket for Container Laboratory Basket  
Basket for container 150x300x600mm
Laboratory basket with drying with
nr 32 connections
100/500ml h 150o 4;nr 32
connections 500/1000ml
h 220o 6