Tiva 500 Lab

171 Liter Chamber

The Tiva 500 Lab laboratory glassware washer-disinfectors are ideal for small research centers and laboratories to wash all types of glassware and other items. A single door washer, specially designed for installations with limited space, with a washing injection system on two levels. Operation is simple and minimizes the risks due to handling.



  • Washing and disinfection temperatures are fully adjustable up to 90°C
  • Temperature is controlled by means of two independent PT1000 probes
  • Fresh water intake between each phase of the cycle promotes hygiene and better cleaning
  • Connections to cold, warm and DI water are available, with a triple water filter system
    that captures residues so that they are not re-circulated, thus lengthening pump life
  • Heavy duty self-cleaning water circulation pump ensures rapid flow rate and effective spray pressure
  • Built-in water softener enhances cleaning effectiveness and prevents limescale build-up

    Design And Convenience

    • LED display with 5 adjustable washing programs
    • RS-232 pr inter connec t ion for document ing the wa shing phases
    • Telescopic sliding rails for safe and easy loading and unloading of glassware
    • Equipped with two chemical pumps (two additional pumps optional) under microprocessor
      control, with the option of modifying the required detergent quantities of each cycle
    • Self-cleaning chamber with rounded edges
    • Steam condenser prevents steam from entering into the laboratory


    • Extra power 8 kW
    • 3rd chemical dosing pump
    • External printer

    Superior Glassware Disinfection

    The Laboratory Glassware range of Washer-Disinfectors provides superior cleaning and disinfection combined with innovative options to minimize cost and time. This comprehensive approach offers a flexible solution for safe and thorough processing of a wide range of equipment used in the laboratory for testing and analysis.

    High Quality Cleaning And Disinfection

    For reliable laboratory results re-used equipment must be thoroughly cleaned. Regular washing using Tiva Laboratory Washer-Disinfectors ensures that repeated use of equipment in the laboratory does not affect reliability.

    Thermal Disinfection

    Thermal disinfection takes place at 90°C with a temperature holding time in compliance with EN ISO 15883.
    Both temperature and time can be modified to meet the specific customer requirements.

    Mechanical Cleaning Action

    Heavy duty pumps ensure high flow rate of water and effective
    yet gentle water spray pressure for better and faster cleaning results.

    Designed To Stay Clean

    The washing chamber is designed with smooth edges and corners
    to ensure a clean chamber surface and to prevent dirt build-up