Compact Series

Tuttnauer small laboratory autoclaves with chamber volumes from 120 to 310 liters.

Mid-Range Series

Tuttnauer medium laboratory autoclaves with chamber volumes from 340 to 600 liters.

Mid-Range Series
  • Bio-shield barrier hermetically seals between the hot and cold zones
  • Thermal sterilization treatment sterilizes all effluent and waste water
  • Double or single filtration systems ensure air is decontaminated before discharge
  • Autoclave chamber, piping and fittings are made from 316L stainless steel
  • Interlocks protect against passage of contaminated materials
  • Double door pass-through autoclave 
Large Capacity Chambers
  • 1500 to 8840 Liters autoclave chamber volume
  • High volume waste treatment
  • Floor or Pit mounted models