Advanced Options

Advanced options allow for sanitary conditions to be maintained, and satisfy stringent requirements for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food processing industries.

316L grade stainless steel piping, fittings and components are used for clean steam contact surfaces. High quality steam can be used for tissue culture, sterile water preparation, research and other applications.

Sanitary Tri-Clamp Fittings are manufactured from stainless steel. All surfaces are finely finished and smoothed for non-contaminating flows. They eliminate the possibility of external contamination penetration through the valves and piping connection areas and add rigidity to the piping system.

Separate Jacket and Chamber Connections enable reaching sterilization temperatures faster and improve temperature control. Often used for sterilizing liquids and vital when working with clean steam.

Diaphragm valve allows for maximal drainability and minimise the risk of contamination.

Hot-Well is a stainless steel water reservoir in which water is heated to 80-90ºC to remove non-condensable gases prior to entering the steam generator.

Sanitary Air Filter – A 0.2 μm air filter ensures that bacteria free air enters the chamber. A SIP provision is available for the sanitary filter.

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