Welcome to the Medical Section of our Tuttnauer blog! Here you can learn about different types of medical sterilizers, like Class N and Class B autoclaves, as well as Large Hospital sterilizers. Featured here are also guest blog posts and videos, which deal with pressing topics in the field of medical sterilization and infection control. If you have ideas about future blog posts, please share them with us in the comment section!

Learn About

  1. Class N Autoclaves
  2. Class B Autoclaves
  3. Large Hospital Autoclave Sterilizers

Guest Blog Posts

  1. Facing the Standards Gap: An Autoclave for the Rest of Us
  2. The Age of Sterile Processing
  3. Challenges to Reprocessing Medical Devices


  1. Large Hospital Autoclaves for the CSSD Video
  2. PlazMax, Low Temp H2O2 Sterilizer Video