Dear Partners,

We continue to innovate in the world of sterilization & infection control, raising the level for safe, reliable and efficient sterilization devices.

New products that we will present at Medica 2016


GS Line – Double Door Pass-Through Autoclaves
155 Liters & 245 Liters | 1 StU & 2 StU

  • More affordable for facilities with limited budget
  • Narrow design for facilities with limited space
  • Simplified design for low maintenance


New 2540EKA-Q
More Affordable Class S Autoclave

  • Bacsoft Control System – Color display in many languages
  • USB for recording cycle data to USB memory device
  • Classic manual door


Tuttnauer WiFi Connect
Autoclave real-time data on your Smartphone

With Tuttnauer WiFi Connect you can see all your autoclave
information in real-time on your smartphone.
Just connect your autoclave to a WiFi router and download the app to your smartphone (Android).

The information you can see:

  • Autoclave status
  • Pressure & temperature
  • Real-time values
  • Errors messages
  • Cycle parameters

Connect to an unlimited number of autoclaves.


We look forward to seeing you amongst our visitors at the exhibition.

Ran Tuttnauer
CEO Tuttnauer Ltd.