Invitation to Visit us at Meditech 2016 - International Health Fair

V Meditech 2016 en Bogotá, Colombia, reúne a los principales actores de la industria médica. Es el marco ideal para dialogar y conocer los cambios y prioridades en el sector de la salud.

198 expositores y 9.273 visitantes profesionales, gerentes de hospitales y clínicas, médicos generales y profesionales de todas las especialidades del sector salud, que influyen y deciden las compras de hospitales, clínicas, consultorios y laboratorios clínicos, se darán cita para fortalecer sus relaciones comerciales con proveedores y distribuidores.

Entre el 28 de junio y el 1 de julio, estaré presente en V Meditech 2016, en Bogotá, junto con SERVIMEDICAL, nuestro socio en Colombia. En nuestro stand Ud. podrá encontrar los equipos de esterilización y descontaminación más avanzados disponibles, incluyendo autoclaves horizontales para hospitales, la línea económica de autoclaves HSG, autoclaves de sobremesa, y Plazmax, el esterilizador a baja temperatura de Tuttnauer para la esterilización de instrumental sensible al calor.

Steam is invisible - Tuttnauer - Sterilization BasicsVisite el stand de Servimedical e informese acerca de nuestros equipos de esterilización y descontaminación

Los invito personalmente a encontrarse con nosotros para conversar acerca de sus necesidades de esterilización. Estaremos encantados de enseñarles nuestras soluciones de esterilización y descontaminación.


Dr. Mario Finkiel
Gerente de Marketing para América Latina y el Caribe

Para concertar una reunión, por favor contactar a Mario: [email protected]


V Meditech 2016 in Bogota, Colombia gathers key stakeholders in the medical industry. It is the ideal framework for learning and discussing changes and priorities in the health sector.

198 exhibitors and 9,273 professional visitors, managers of hospitals and clinics, general practitioners and professionals in all specialties of the health sector who influence and make purchasing decisions in hospitals, clinics, surgeries and clinical laboratories meet to strengthen business relations with suppliers and distributors.

From june 28th to july 1st, I will attend V Meditech 2016 in Bogota Colombia together with our partner SERVIMEDICAL. At our booth you will find the most advanced sterilization and decontamination equipment available including: Horizontal autoclaves for hospitals, HSG, the economic line of autoclaves, table top autoclaves and Plazmax, Tuttnauer’s Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer for sterilization of Heat Sensitive instruments.

Steam is invisible - Tuttnauer - Sterilization BasicsVisit Servimedical booth for sterilization and decontamination equipment

I personally invite you to meet with us and discuss your sterilization needs with us. We will be very happy to teach you about the possible sterilization and decontamination solutions available.


Dr. Mario Finkiel
Tuttnauer Marketing Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean

To schedule a meeting please contact Mario: [email protected]


Sterilization and Infection Control News Update - June 2016

Once again, we've collected for you sterilization and infection control news items that we found to be interesting. Enjoy them!


Fort Campbell’s Blanchfield Army Community Hospital Recognized for Environmental Performance Two Years in a Row

Clarksville Online – 18 April, 2016

For the second consecutive year, Blanchfield Army Community Hospital has been named as a Practice Greenhealth Partner for Change.

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Dieruff Students Sew ponchos, Duffel Bags for Homeless

The Morning Call  – 19 June, 2016

Students in Dieruff’s Sew What club teamed up with Lehigh Valley Health Network to repurpose the common blue sheets used in the operating room sterilization process.

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Who is Punished for Endangering a Patient's Life in Pakistan?

The Nation  – 20 April, 2016

State of sterilization and infection control in Pakistan, will erase the smile off your face.

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‘Mushroming’ Organic Harvest

Pharmaceutical Processing – 18 March, 2016

Also the food industry benifits from autoclave sterilization.

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State Found Lapses in Infection Control at UCLA and Cedars-Sinai

Los Angeles Times – 15 May, 2016

After "super bug" outbreaks last year involving a hard-to-clean medical scope, state health inspectors descended on two of Los Angeles’ largest hospitals and found numerous safety violations that appeared to put far more patients at risk.

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B. Braun Medical Agrees to Pay Up to $7.8 Million to Resolve Criminal Liability Relating to its Sale of Contaminated Syringes – 12 April, 2016

We should always remember there's a high price to pay for not following strict sterilization and infection control guidelines.

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Who is to blame for Superbug DeathsContamination of VA Hospital Trays Raises Concerns

The Michigan Daily – 25 May, 2016

Veterans Affairs (VA) Ann Arbor Healthcare System raised concerns over contamination of surgical trays following the recent discovery of particulate matter on operating room equipment.

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Who is to blame for Superbug DeathsCook Medical Issues Voluntary Global Recall of Beacon Tip

Lexology – 27 May, 2016   

FDA’s MedWatch recently posted a voluntary recall issued by Cook Medical recalling 4.1 million catheters using Cook’s Beacon Tip technology. The recall was initiated after 30 Medical Device Reports were received by the FDA. A full list of affected catheters is provided here. Previously, a recall for the Beacon Tip was issued in July 2015, which was subsequently expanded in October 2015.

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Duendoscope ToolUnderstanding the Ann Arbor VA Hospital's Sterilization Situation

Michigan Live – 04 June, 2016

Did you know a tray typically takes around three hours to assemble?

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Medtronic Recalls Midas Rex Sagittal Saws on Leaky Seals Risk

Mass Device – 2 June, 2016

Medical instrument recall is often due to improper sterilization guidelines. Although gravity air displacement was the method used, air displacement by vacuum is the required method in this case. Another incident that demonstrates the importance of pre and post vacuum autoclaves.

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Invitation to Meet at WFHSS Panamerican Conference in Uruguay

Tuttnauer estará presente en la Conferencia Panamericana WFHSS en Uruguay

El Congreso Panamericano WFHSS 2016 se acerca y estoy emocionado de formar parte de él. La exposición tendrá lugar en el LATU Montevideo, Uruguay, del 22 al 24 de junio de 2016.

El objetivo del evento es el de garantizar que los profesionales prominentes y los socios comerciales de la comunidad médica de América Latina tengan la oportunidad de intercambiar conocimientos que conduzcan a mejoras en las prácticas, la estandarización y a la innovación. Durante la conferencia, los participantes intercambiarán ideas y discutirán los problemas y las normas que afectan a la profesión de la esterilización. Después de todo, tenemos un objetivo común: que el reprocesamiento de dispositivos médicos reusables (DMR) se vuelva más seguro y eficiente, tanto para el personal como para los pacientes.

Asistiré al Congreso Panamericano WFHSS 2016 junto con eMedical, el socio de Tuttnauer en Uruguay. Los invito personalmente  a que nos visiten en la exposición para conversar acerca de sus necesidades de esterilización. Estaremos encantados de enseñarles nuestros equipos de esterilización y descontaminación.


Dr. Mario Finkiel
Gerente de Marketing para América Latina y el Caribe

Para concertar una reunión, por favor contactar a Mario: [email protected]



Tuttnauer will be attending WFHSS Panamerican Conference in Uruguay

WFHSS Panamerican Congress 2016 is coming up and I’m excited to be part of it. The exhibition takes place in LATU Montevideo, Uruguay, June 22-24, 2016.

The focus of this event is to ensure that prominent professionals and commercial partners from the Latin American and Spanish medical community have the opportunity to exchange knowledge which leads to improvements of best practices, standardization and innovation. During the conference participants will exchange ideas and discuss issues and standards that affect the sterile processing profession. After all, we have a common goal: That reprocessing of Reusable Medical Devices (RMD) becomes safer and more efficient for staff and patients alike.

I will attend WFHSS Panamerican 2016 in Uruguay together with eMedical, Tuttnauer’s partner in Uruguay. I personally invite you to meet with us to talk about your sterilization needs. We will be very happy to teach you about our sterilization and decontamination equipment.


Dr. Mario Finkiel
Tuttnauer Marketing Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean

To schedule a meeting please contact Mario: [email protected]



Doctors with Heads and Hearts: Wonca 2016

Wonca (World Organization of Family Doctors) is a European conference for the general practitioner, which this year is in Copenhagen’s Bella center, June 15-18, 2016.

 The chosen theme for the conference is: Family Doctors with Heads and Hearts. As a provider of decontamination and sterilization equipment we can relate to this with a strong belief that even with a technical process such decontamination and sterilization it is not only the head that is involved, the heart is sometimes what makes the difference between good and excellent.

Tuttnauer will display its line of tabletop autoclaves for clinics. We will showcase the 2340EA-D autoclave, which is the perfect autoclave for a general practitioner. For clinics that have more complicated treatments, we will offer the Elara Class B autoclave, that is equipped with a powerful vacuum pump. In addition to the autoclaves we will show an ultrasonic cleaner to emphasize that proper cleaning is of major importance as a preceding step to sterilization. Last we will introduce a sealing machine to promote the wrapping of instruments before sterilization  in order to be able to keep them sterile when stored for a longer period of time.

We invite all visitors of Wonca 2016 to stop by Tuttnauer’s booth and learn about our full spectrum of decontamination and sterilization products specially tailored to the practitioner clinic. You will meet our friendly and professional staff who will be happy to answer any questions you might have about proper sterilization for clinic practitioners. 

We’re leaving you with a taste for more with the beautiful video produced for the conference:

Hope to see you at Wonca 2016 smiley



Felasa 2016 Brussels

Felasa 2016 Brussels is coming up and we’re excited for the opportunity to exhibit in Europe’s leading quality and validity of animal research exhibition and conference.

Tuttnauer will be exhibiting at Booth CO25.

The exhibition takes place in Brussels, June 13-16, 2016.

The FELASA Congress attracts scientists and other professionals from all over the world. The exhibition covers scientific and practical aspects of a range of topics and interest for those working in this field of animal research: how animals and humans are at risk from the same health issues, technological advances, animal welfare, harmonization and exchange of best practices.

Follow Felasa Brussels event on Facebook:

Tuttnauer’s booth CO25 is at the exhibition hall where we will exhibit the latest sterilizers and autoclaves for BioContainment applications. If you are planning to attend, we invite you to schedule a meeting with a one of our executives at Felasa 2016 to explore the opportunity to become a Tuttnauer partner.

To schedule a meeting with our regional manager please contact [email protected]