Sterilization and Infection Control News Update - May 2016

Once again, we've collected for you sterilization and infection control news items that we found to be interesting. Enjoy them!


Change Builds at VA Hospital

The Journal Gazette – 11 March, 2016

The first stage of a hospital renovation is usually the sterilization facilities. This is another reminder that sterilization is at the heart of the hospital.

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Less Disinfectant, More Rioja

The New York Times  – 2 April, 2016

A personal account of HAI reminds us that we're talking about people's lives, not statics.

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Sterilizers Get Smarter as the Scrutiny Intensifies

HealthCareBusiness  – 04 April, 2016

Sterilizer manufacturers and clinical staff are getting smarter about what capacity means for effectiveness of the sterilization cycle.

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New Developments in Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials

Pharmaceutical Processing – 12 April, 2016

Traditional pharmaceutical packaging materials have been refined over decades to provide a high degree of protection for sensitive goods. However, with technological advancement, new packaging challenges have arisen which are better solved with the use of a new generation of materials.

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ASC infection control: Sterilization Wraps vs. Rigid Containers — Which is Best?

Becker's Infection Control – 15 April, 2016

Rigid containers and sterilization wraps are two major sterilization packaging types for sterile instruments used in the healthcare setting. Which is best? Find answers in a recent study.

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Sierra Leone News: Health Care Waste Procedures must be followed – 12 April, 2016

Sierra Leone puts together procedures for waste management. At a recent disclosure session of environmental and social management framework, the Directorate of Environmental Health presented a handbook on health sector development system strengthening project which will be supported by Government and the World Bank.

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Who is to blame for Superbug DeathsAbsence of Equipments Halt Operation at Korle Bu

GhanaWeb – 18 April, 2016

Doctors at the Accident Center of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital are unable to operate on patients with emergency cases due to the lack of key logistics.

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Sterilization in Dentistry is always important



Who is to blame for Superbug DeathsInstrument Processing and Recirculation in the Dental Clinic

Dental Economics – 15 October, 2014   

Procedures involved in processing contaminated dental instruments continue to evolve as new technologies and products are developed to both maximize efficiency and minimize occupational risks. A series of complex multiple steps are required to accomplish cleaning and sterilization of instruments, including specialized equipment, adequate space, and qualified dental health-care workers

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Duendoscope ToolDisposable, and Sterile Too: One Company Ensures Sterile Disposable Prophy Angles

RDHmag – 15 April, 2016

Pre-Dent manufactures disposable, single use prophy angles which are sterilized after packaging. The angles are gamma-irradiated and guaranteed sterile.

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Infection Control in the Dental Setting: New CDC Guidelines

Dentistry IQ – 13 April, 2016

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a new resource to assist oral health-care professionals to prevent infections in the dental office/clinic setting. This article reviews the new resources.

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