Sterilization and Infection Control News Update - October 2015

October was a busy month with news sterilization and infection control related items in the news. Once again, we've collected for you those that we found to be interesting. Enjoy!


A young woman saves lives in Africa by creating cheap sterilization methodsCanadian Woman Makes Surgery Safer for Patients in Africa

ChristianWeek – 11 September, 2015

This is a story about human spirit. A young woman from Canada dedicates her life to save lifes in Africa. Her mission is to help hospitals develop methods to cheaply, sustainably and effectively sterilize medical instruments.

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FDA Issues Recommendations To Reduce Bronchoscope Infection Risk

Med Device Online – 21 September, 2015

FDA has issued new recommendations for facilities and health workers on how to reprocess the devices to limit the risk of contamination more effectively.

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Encouraging Excellence in the Central Sterile Department

ICT - 10 October, 2015

Hospital’s must come to the realization that single poorly trained Central Sterilization tech can adversely affect more patients in a single day than a bad surgeon. CS technicians are much more than dishwashers 2.0. Read this important article by ICT.

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Three workers injured after explosing at City hospital

Buenos Aires Herald – 26 September, 2015

Three health workers were injured after sterilization equipment exploded at the Hospital de Clínicas. All three received treatment for minor abrasions and burns to their faces and legs in the hospital’s emergency room.

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Mpls. VA Suspends Surgeries over Substance in Sterilization Gear

MPRnews – 23 September, 2015

The Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Medical Center has suspended most surgeries this week after finding a foreign substance in some sterilizing equipment.

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Meet the Woman with the Mission to Protect Space from Earth

The Weather Network – 10 October, 2015

The whole job description sounds a bit like Sci-Fi: One lone woman, with a mission to protect the universe... from Earth.

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FDA Orders Studies on Contaminated Endoscopes Tied to Illness Outbreaks

HealthDay - 5 October, 2015

The findings from the postmarket surveillance studies may help identify additional ways to reduce risks associated with scopes, such as new labeling with different cleaning/sterilization instructions or new regulations to protect patient safety.

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Fire in Cardiac Unit, Patients Moved to Safety

The Times of India – 16 October, 2015

Fourteen cardiac patients were wheeled out of a sueprspeciality heart care unit after a fire broke on the first floor of the Yashwantrao Chavan Memorial Hospital in Pimpri.

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Handling Medical Waste in an Era of Emerging Pathogens: Advice from Expert Facilities

ICT – 14 October, 2015

It’s usually the small things that are overlooked, emphasizes John Lowe, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Environmental, Agricultural and Occupational Health at University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC). Lowe’s facility was among a handful in the United States that treated patients infected with Ebola virus in 2014.

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Who is to blame for Superbug DeathsThe World Awoke and Groaned to Find Itself...Unsterile: The Age of Sterile Processing is Upon Us

LinkedIn – 19 October, 2015

As long as 3,000 years ago, Ancient Egyptians were utilizing antiseptics such as pitch and tar to embalm the bodies of their dead, which we now call the process of mummification. From that day to this, a great many things have changed in how we use chemicals and instrumentation to treat the human body -- most strikingly, we can now cut into a person, while they are still alive, and actually heal them.

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Tattooing is like a medical procedure, and sterilization is very important in order to not damage your skin.



Who is to blame for Superbug Deaths7 Things You Need To Know before You Get a Tattoo

Men'sHealth – 27 July, 2015

You expect a bit of pain while getting a tattoo. But there may be some other unexpected consequences from the ink. A study in the journalContact Dermatitis found that 10 percent of people who got tattoos had an adverse reaction such as itching, swelling, and delayed healing. What’s more, 6 percent reported a chronic reaction lasting more than 4 months.

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Duendoscope ToolRafa Barragan of Illuminati Tattoo Lounge on Sterilization, Kitchen Magicians, and Biomechanical Tattoos

OC Weekly – 14 September, 2015

It's nice to seeaTattoo‬ artistst that take infection control as seriousely as their art ‎sterilization.

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Hola Latinoamérica: Autoclave Technician Training

Tuttnauer technical training was held on October 12th to 22nd, 2015 for our Latin American technicians. Ten days of intensive training that turned the technicians into autoclave experts. The training was in Cancun,  a renowned tourist destination in southeastern Mexico, located on the Caribbean Sea, a beautiful setting that put us into the right state of mind.

Tuttnauer's Automatic Tabletop SterilizerCancun is the ideal setting for technical training

The training was held in Spanish and provided by Tuttnauer's sterilization expert Mr. Maimon Asaraf. The first week was dedicated to tabletop autoclaves and laboratory equipment. The second week focused on large hospital autoclaves for sterilization within the CSSD (Central Sterile Service Department).

30 technicians attended the first week of training and 40 autoclave technicians participated in the second week. Technicians came from all parts of the region including: Miami in the north to Argentina down south, Cuba and the Caribbean Islands.

It was a delight to meet the people who service Tuttnauer autoclaves and to provide them with the best practical and theoretical training they can get. The atmosphere was warm and friendly though I cannot say the same about the weather, which was not welcoming. We encountered some wicked tropical storms that took us by surprise.

Training Technicians in Cancun, Mexico

Here's a group picture from the first week of training. If you were there, you are more than welcome to tag yourself, comment or send us your pictures and impressions from the training.