Sterilization and Infection Control News Update - August 2015

​Ebola and Mers eventually disappeared from August headlines. In this month's update, we are back to more technical sterilization news:


Controversies in Hospital Infection Prevention

Haicontroversies – 5 August, 2015

Controversies in Hospital Infection Prevention: Coordination of what?

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Find the Right Medical Adhesive

TMD – 11 August, 2015

Finding the right medical adhesive can be a challenge. Materials mus be biocompatible, able to withstand aggressive sterilization methods, and have high bond strength, thermal performance and chemical resistance

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Fears of HIV Risk for 11K Dental Patients

The Manila Times Online - 12 April, 2015

Interesting article that discusses some of the human factors related to endoscope reprocessing.

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Wrapping Instruments. 10 Things You Need to Know as a Vet Nurse

Linkedin – 14 August, 2015

Medical instrument packing is an important part of the sterilization process.

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Reflection on My First 18 Months as a Sterilie Processing Technician

ICT – 01 August, 2015

Read the personal reflections about sterilization matters of a technician from Lousville, Ky.

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Mayo Moving Some Surgeries from Austin to Albert Lea

KIMT.COM– 24 July, 2015

Yes, it happens again Mayo clinic is moving some surgeries due to sterilization issues .

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Denver VA Sterilization Issues Limit Surgery Schedule

9News - 21 July, 2015

Another story that demonstrates how steam sterilization issues in the hospital limit surgery schedule.

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FDA Unveils Measures to Combat Superbugs on Medical Scopes

Newsmax – 11 August, 2015

Latest regarding best practices of medical scope reprocessing. FDA recommends EtO as the prefered low temp sterilization method. We think Plasma is a better low temp sterilization method for many reasons and safety is just one of them.

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UMC of El Paso Cances Elective and Non-emergency Surgeries

El Paso Times – 11 August, 2015

Another reminder of what happens when sterilization is not done properly.

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FIME 2015 Wrap-up

FIME 2015, The Florida International Medical Exposition, celebrated its silver anniversary this year as thousands of health care and industry professionals came to see the latest developments in the field. 

Tuttnauer's participation at FIME is already a tradition and we were excited to be here once again. Tuttnauer's booth was filled with visitors. We caught up with old friends and colleagues, made new acquaintances and explored some exciting new business opportunities.

Tuttnauer's booth was the only booth in FIME 2015 that had autoclave machines on display, and did not settle for images. We feel that seeing is believing and it's important that customers and potential customers experience firsthand the quality of our autoclaves and infection control products.

We hope everyone had as nice a time as we did. We are already looking forward to returning for next year's show. 

If you met us at FIME 2015, don't hesitate to drop a friendly note in post comments or share this post on social media. If you have some good pictures please send them over or post on our social channels.

Here are some pictures with a glimpse of the event: