Sterilization and Infection Control News Update - April 2015

Baganuur Hospital in nedd of Medical Waste Treatment EquipmentBaganuur Hospital in Critical Condition

The UB Post– 7 April, 2015

This article demonstrates that medical waste disposal is the cornerstone of a proper infection control process.

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E.coli virusDrug-resistant E. coli Outbreak Linked to Contaminated Endoscopes in Washington State Hospital

News Medical – 31 March, 2015

An outbreak of a novel Escherichia coli (E. coli) strain resistant to antibiotics has been linked to contaminated endoscopes in a Washington state hospital.

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EndoscopeCleanliness is Paramount with Endoscopes - 12 April, 2015

Interesting article that discusses some of the human factors related to endoscope reprocessing.

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Otolaryngology PracticeENT Office Ordered to Close over Sterilization Concerns – 01 April, 2015

An ear, nose and throat practice in Lewes, Delaware has been ordered to close, since inspection was unable to confirm that proper sterilization processes were followed.

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Royal Alex Hospital surgeries postponed Royal Alex Hospital Surgeries Postponed by Mysterious Stain

CBCnews– 27 March, 2015

A Canadian hospital had to postpone dozens of orthopedic surgeries because a sterilization problem.

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Germs Infection ControlTaking Control of Infection Control

Orthodontic Products– 11 March, 2015

Orthodontic assistants and the orthodontist must have a clear understanding of proper disinfection technique, use of barriers, and instrument sterilization. Education and training provide the clinical team comprehensive information to evaluate infection control products and the correct methods for use.

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Microguides Application - Technology for Infection ControlApp Wins Infection Control Category of NHS Innovation Challenge Awards

The Pharmaceutical Journal - 18 March, 2015

Technology in the service of Infection Control.

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Operating RoomBMC North Reopens Operating Rooms – 02 March, 2015

The operating rooms are being put back into use after a nearly $1 million upgrade, including a completely new central sterilization room.

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Medica DevicesNew Procedure for Making Medical Devices Safer

Digital Journal – 01 April, 2015

It's good that a new procedure for making medical devices safer was implemented. Only time will telll if it's egough.

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While Superbugs Are Invisible to Humans, They are Well Noticed by the Media


Who is to blame for Superbug DeathsWho's to Blame for Superbug Deaths Linked to Endoscopes?

MDDI – 01 April, 2015

After two patients died and serveral more were sickened by drug-resistant bacteria traced to endoscopes, many want to know who dropped the ball, the manufacturer or regulators.

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Duendoscope ToolMedical Tools that Spread Superbugs Have to Change

Wired – 20 March, 2015

This article describes the need of endoscopes and other medical devices to adapt to the new reality of Superbug infections.

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Ebola Continues to Make the Headlines


Ebola SuitI Put on a Complet Ebola Suit and Fought Off a Panic Attack

Mashable– 18 March, 2015

The writer of this article tells her personal experience with Ebola personal protective equipment.

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Ebola Patients transported by airplaneEbola Air? Inside the Plane that Flies Ebola Patients

CNN - 19 March, 2015

Flying an Ebola patient halfway aronud the world while keeping that person alive, and everyone safe is complicated. Read how it's done.

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Mers VirusAutoclaves Installed at Two Hospitals

The New Dawn - 09 March, 2015

Autoclaves installed at two hospitals in Liberia help to fight against Ebola. 

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