Sterilization and Infection Control News Update - November 2014

​Ebola is still grabbing most of the headlines, but general infection control stories are finding their way back:


Ebola outbreak: MSF says new Liberia tactics needed

BBC News Health – 10 November, 2014

Hopefully this is a positive turning point in the spread of Ebola.

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Technology and Infection Control: The Ebola Outbreak Proves the Need for Modern Medical Infrastructure in the Developing World

Memeburn – 07 November, 2014

​Medical experts believe that the Ebola virus could have been contained with more beds, better local education, and proper hydration for the victims who were losing fluids. 

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Why America's Ebola Patients Survive

The Week – 15 November, 2014

Ebola mortality rate is a question of geography. Equipping Africa with autoclaves is not just a business goal for Tuttnauer, it's also a very important humanitarian cause. We also see it as our mission to train African staff on proper sterilization and infection control equipment.

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Ebola Watch: 3-D Video Game Developed for Training

MedCity News - 13 November, 2014

This game is not for fun. This 3-D training video game could make the preparation process for many healthcare workers in West Africa much safer and more effective, helping them identify the dos and don’ts of treating patients.

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Ebola Outbreak Prompts Changes in Protective Equipment

Scientific American – 6 November, 2014

There is a need for reengineering of PPE with new materials and designs, both in U.S. hospitals but more critically for the outbreak zones in Africa.

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Evaluating Ebola as a Biological Weapon

Forbes – 27 November, 2014

Can Ebola virus be weaponized? If the answer is yes then the possible scenario is terrifying. This Forbes article claims that contrary to how they are frequently portrayed in media, biological weapons are not easy to obtain or deploy effectively and they do not always cause mass casualties.

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Could Ebola Medical Waste Help Spread the Disease?

Newsweek – 02 October, 2014

There should not be concerns about Ebola spreading in the USA, since it is easy to contain by isolating patients and using established sterilization techniques.

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How Does Ebola Change Dental Infection Control?

Dental Buzz – 12 October, 2014

A dental hygienist's personal account on how Ebola affects dental infection control.

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Sterilization in Dentistry is Always Important

Shamokin Dentist Surrenders License for Good – 10 October, 2014

Dentist loses his license for not sterilizing his dental tools.

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Mers Refuses to Leave the Headlines


Saudi Arabia Finds Six New MERS Cases as Outbreak Grows

Reuters – 30 October, 2014

Saudi officials blame lax hospital procedures for the recent surge in cases.

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More Sterilization Infection Control Stories that Made the Headlines This Month


Hospital Reopens Operating Rooms

The Indy – 26 October, 2014

A hospital in Laguna Beach resumed surgeries after a voluntary suspension after three patients contracted an infection which source couldn’t be identified.

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Societies Issue Recommendations on Processing Biohazardous Medical Waste

Occupational Health & Safety - 27 October, 2014

Prompted by questions about how to correctly handle Ebola-contaminated biohazardous medical waste, five societies have issued a joint advisory statement to provide guidance to personnel and health care organizations.

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This Is the Infectious Disease You Should Be Worried About

Salon – 24 October, 2014

The World Health Organization warns that multidrug-resistant tuberculosis is a global threat.

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The Planet's Deadliest Infectious Diseases, by Country

Gobal – 01 November, 2014

Ebola might be trending on Twitter but Tuberculosis, HIV and Diarrhea are the most deadliest infectious diseases.


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World’s First Museum of Microorganisms Opens in Amsterdam

NTDTV - 04 October, 2014

Three quarters of all life on Earth is invisible to the human eye. Next time you go to Amsterdam you must visit the first museum of microorganisms.

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Farewell Medica 2014

We just returned from four intensive days at Medica 2014, the world’s leading medical trade fair, in Düsseldorf, Germany, (attended by almost 130,000 number of people). To give  you a taste and feel for what we experienced, we would like to share our impressions which made all the effort and time invested worthwhile.  If you were at Medica and visited us, then this will be a sweet reminder of the experience.

Tuttnauer’s very impressive booth was always busy. Many people from the company were there including, Mr. Ran Tuttnauer, the company CEO, regional sales managers, service and training managers and many others. Tuttnauer attracted a crowd of familiar dealers and end users, as well as some new faces that are now in the process of turning into customers and business partners. 


The visitors at our booth showed interest in new and updated sterilization and infection control technologies from Tuttnauer. The Elara 9i which is an economically priced yet highly advanced 19 liter, Class B, pre and post vacuum autoclave, attracted a lot of attention. 

We also introduced new PlazMax models with automated and elegant sliding doors. These models also include a built-in foot operated device for hands free door operation. The PlazMax is Tuttnauer’s highly sophisticated line of low temperature vaporized H202 (hydrogen peroxide) plasma sterilizers, which is the preferred technology for sterilizing heat- sensitive and moisture-sensitive instruments like endoscopes, probes, cameras, and other equipment used for minimally invasive surgery (MIS). 

The upcoming major event we’re attending is Arab Health, the largest healthcare exhibition in the Middle East, 26-29 January 2015 in Dubai, UAE. We look forward to seeing you there with the latest developments from Tuttnauer and the infection control & sterilization industry. Visit us at Sheikh Saeed Hall 1 - Booth S1F58.

If you had a positive experience visiting Medica 2014 and the Tuttnauer booth, you are welcome to comment or send us some pictures. We’d love to hear from you.


Tuttnauer Will Be at MEDICA in Düsseldorf, Germany

Tuttnauer continues to innovate in the world of sterilization & infection control, raising the level for safe, reliable and efficient sterilization devices. We will present new products at Medica 2014.

We look forward to seeing you amongst our visitors at the exhibition.


Hall 12 Booth A33

12th -15th November 2014

Düsseldorf Germany